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Hello, this is the crap i call art //shot

Although i've done a bit better i suppose, who knows ye?

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So i thought about it for awhile, and talked with a few people, i have chosen to open commissions! So below are the prices and what they look like. I am also hoping for collecting enough money to get a new computer, etc etc....

Headshot lineart: $3………

Chibi Lineart/color: $3……

Headshot color: $5………

Fullbody Lineart: $7………

Fullbody Color: $10………

Two People Lineart: $12……

Two People Color: $15……

If you wish to add more than two people, it is $2 per extra person if it is lineart and $5 if colored.

1. I will not draw hentai. Same goes with fetishes.
2. I may consider animals but i am not very good at it, you have been forewarned! Which is why it is not displayed.
3. Please do not rush me to finish commissions, i have life to deal with too, i take care of an elderly lady [i am doing this to earn some extra money to be honest cause i need a new laptop and stuff.]
4. Please note me with what you want, i will confirm weither or not i can draw it before you pay, only then will i give you my paypal email so you can send me payment!
5. Sorry i am not accepting points because theres nothing i can really do with them.
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Angela or Angie
United States
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Your name is CYNTHIA but you prefer to be called ANGELA. Your fandoms are currently DISGAEA, LEGEND OF ZELDA, POKEMON and KIRBY. You have been in the HOMESTUCK fandom before but prefer to watch from the sidelines. You also like to create your own ORIGINAL CHARACTERS and DRAW them but have failed miserably to keep any of your PLOTS ongoing until recently.

You also ROLEPLAY a lot on TUMBLR due to the fact that you messed up so badly in the past with previous groups. You regret being FOOLISH and CHILDISH and wish you could rejoin your friends. Your most favorite ORIGINAL CHARACTER is SADAKO who you have created as the GRANDDAUGHTER of your previous ORIGINAL CHARACTER ANGELA.

You also have given LOVE one last chance and found the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON to you and plan to NEVER LET HIM GO.

Figured why the heck not? It makes my page look better too
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Awesome people//
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